One Way to Get a Breast Reduction!

Margaret LaMoe had a bust line that made Dolly Parton look flat. But her well-endowed 38GGG-sized chest only caused her back pain and indentations in her shoulder blades. Finding clothes that fit properly was next to impossible. I applied for prior authorization for breast reduction surgery through her health insurance company. Unfortunately, they turned down the surgery claiming her policy did not cover this kind of surgery. Ever. For any reason. But Margaret had breast reduction surgery so implanted in her brain that she was determined to reduce her breasts to a smaller size. Thus, at her annual mammogram, she told the technician, "I want you to crank that thing down so hard my breasts are as flat as a pancake. Maybe that will make "the girls"smaller." The technician laughed but informed her that breast reduction is NOT an FDA-approved indication for mammography.

I have had dozens of patients complain the mammogram technician hurt them, but this was a first--- a patient ASKED the technician the crank the mammogram machine until her breasts were squashed paper-thin.