Ladies in lab coats series

Dr. Burbank is writing a 5-book series of clean romantic fiction which all feature women physicians as the protagonists. The series is called “The Ladies in Lab Coats.” She has currently completed book one, Can You Lose the Unibrow?
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Can you lose the unibrow?: Book 1 Ladies in Lab Coats

Fat, frumpy, forty-year-old physician seeks handsome, smart, Shakespear aficionado. Hmm. Hardly the dating website bio to woo a husband, but Dr. Sheri Morris is determined to find true love before her biological clock ticks out. Enter nerdy, unibrowed Greg Palmer, who decides to practice his rusty dating skills on the dowdy doctor before pursuing a serious wife contender. The unpromising duo forms an accountability pact called "Operation Soulmate", where they agree to mentor each other as "friends only", while they shape up and seek out perfect spouses. Greg agrees to lose his outdated haircut and ghastly unibrow, while Sheri commits to losing thirty pounds and toning down her hair. Four months into their grueling transformation, Greg meets the woman of his dreams online. That's when Sheri realizes she's fallen in love with Greg.What now? Make him jealous or seek out someone new? Will Sheri and Greg discover their true soulmate before it is too late? The course of true love never did run smooth ... William Shakespeare


More than a hunch: Book 2 Ladies in Lab coats

When Dr. Libby Holman’s patient, Sophia Romano, nearly dies after a routine dose of chemotherapy, Libby is convinced the drug was tainted. After all, Sophia tolerated the first five rounds without a problem.

Sophia’s son, prosecuting attorney Marcus Romano, doesn’t buy the doctor’s lame excuse—not one bit! He suspects Libby botched the dose, thereby poisoning his mother. Can you spell L-A-W-S-U-I-T?

Is it malpractice, a manufacturer’s mishap, or foul play?

Libby and Marcus struggle to work together, hampered by her fear of malpractice and his suspicion of medical incompetence. Despite their mutual dislike and mistrust, they find themselves attracted to one another.

After uncovering a promising lead, Libby’s life gets threatened. By whom? Why?

As they race to discover the truth before Libby—or more patients—are harmed, will they also discover love?


Hearts heal in Haiti: Book 3 Ladies in Lab Coats

Grayson Stockdale III, a Vanderbilt University surgical resident, begrudgingly accepts a three-month tropical medicine rotation at an impoverished hospital in rural Haiti to improve his chances of securing the prestigious “Chief Surgical Resident” position. Imagine his disgust when he spots Allison Smith, his main rival for the job, also at the Port-au-Prince airport. So much for one-upping the competition!

Allison Smith is equally annoyed to discover she’ll be stuck working with the privileged snob from a wealthy family. With no maid, BMW, or air conditioning, she can only hope Mr. “Silver-Spoon-in-his-Mouth” will be on a flight out of Haiti within a week.

As the two rivals face thieves, cholera, and a crazed witch doctor together, will their mutual dislike evolve into respect— and love?

Who will land the Chief Surgical Resident position? Will it destroy their budding friendship? Two doctors. One job? Who wins?


Love has no color: Book 4 Ladies in Lab coats

When four-year-old Luke McQuiddy is abandoned in a Nashville hospital, he winds the heart of his pediatrician, Dr. Angela Turner. Angela’s fiancé, Victor, insists she should butt out and let the police and social workers handle the case. But not getting involved is not in Angie’s DNA, and when the unthinkable happens, Angie feels compelled to help Luke.

Her escalating involvement in Luke’s case could destroy her relationship with Victor, but if she backs off, what will become of Luke? Will he be doomed to a life in foster care? 

A white child and a black doctor. Does it matter, or does love have no color?

An abandoned child. A committed doctor. The police should handle it…but that’s not Angie’s style.


Squeakers Meets His Match: Book 5 Ladies in Lab Coats

After he chomps through one pair of shoes too many, dermatologist Dana Thompson signs up her unruly puppy, Squeakers, for dog obedience school.

Westminster dog show judge, William Masters, is roped into teaching the class when his mother breaks her ankle one week before the classes start. William loves dogs, but Squeakers in in a breed of his own——demon-possessed!

When Dana notices a suspicious mole on William’s neck, the lives of dermatologist and dog trainer intertwine in more ways than just dog leashes.

Can a dog obedience flunk and a dog training guru find more to chew on than bathroom slippers? Has Squeakers finally met his match?