Can't you find it???

Four-year old Sarah had come into the office for a yearly physical. She sat perfectly still---the model patient--- as Tammy, a nurse practitioner friend of mine, examined her ears and throat. Tammy then told Sarah she was going to listen to her heart. She pulled out her stethoscope and placed the diaphragm and then the bell onto Sarah's chest listening carefully to the lub-dub of her heart. She moved to a different spot on the chest, intent on picking up any subtle heart murmurs or rhythm disturbances. Tammy then moved the stethoscope a third time, from the left side of Sarah's chest to the right side to listen for a tricuspid valve murmur

With each move of the stethoscope Sarah's eyes grew larger and larger until they became as large as moon pies; soon tears welled up in her eyes.

Puzzled, Tammy yanked the stethoscope from her ears. "Sarah? What's wrong, honey?"

Now trembling, little Sarah eked out,  "Can't you find it?"

Tammy had to bite the insides of her cheek to keep from laughing. The poor child thought Tammy had moved her stethoscope into four different positions because she couldn't locate a heart!